*We require a $250 deposit if the purchase price is under $500, over $500 we require a deposit of $350,over $1000 we require a deposit of 1/2 down.  
*Deposits are fulfilled in order received. For example, the 1st person to leave a deposit gets 1st pick of any litter. This rarely creates a conflict and it almost always works out that everyone gets the puppy they want. We truly believe that each puppy goes where they are destined
* Square ,Money order, cash  accepted
*Puppies must be paid for in full by 7 weeks of age 

All money is non-refundable. I know that sounds really strict but your deposit is for us to HOLD your puppy. We mark it as sold so nobody else can purchase him/her. We have taken that puppy off the market FOR YOU. We are a small breeder and the benefit for you is that your puppy is born and handled daily in our home and comes to you very well socialized. We would be losing several potential sales while your puppy was marked as sold. 


Questions and Answers

Do you ship your puppies?

 Yes.  My preferred airline carrier is American.  Puppies fly in temperature controlled cargo.  Its the same as being a passenger.  Other airlines are available but prices may vary.  

How much is shipping?

 Shipping is $300-$400.  Price includes airline charges, crate, vet check, health certificate and certificate of acclimation.  I do not charge for driving to the airport.   

Are these costs included in the price of the puppy?

 No, all shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.  HOWEVER, 2 puppies ship for the price of one! 

I'd like to purchase a puppy, what do I do next?

 Send a deposit and let me know which one you want! Then I'll send you a contract to sign and send back. 

When does my puppy have to be paid in full?

 Puppies should be paid for in full by 8 weeks.  They must be paid in full and funds cleared before shipping. 

How early can a puppy be picked up?

 Puppies can be picked up in person after they have their 8 week shots.  Airlines require that puppies are 8 weeks old to ship.  Some Toys I wont allow to leave till they are 10 weeks old due to size. 

What dog food do you feed?

 I feed Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy and proplan 30/20, Your puppy will go home home with a few sample bags, you can purchase this food online at, or feed stores like Tractor Supply or Atwoods carry it. 

Your Puppy is also Started on NuVet Plus

 it is a Immune System supplement, I recommend this vitamin you can order it at order code:48210   

​Can we come play with all of the puppies?

 'im sorry, but I do not allow people to come to just  'play with puppies'.  Most of the time, the puppy you are looking for can be narrowed down to 1 or 2 puppies.  However, unless the puppy is 8 weeks old, it can not be touched or handled by anyone else.  This being said, I will be glad to send you all the pictures you need you help you make a choice.  I am Very sorry it is bio-security. 

How can I send the deposit?

 For deposits I accept , Square, Apple Pay.  

Where are you located in case I want to pick up my puppy?

  I am 20 Mins south of Little Rock Arkansas. 

More Questions and Answers

Breeding Rights:

 I reserve the right to sell breeding rights to anyone, and if I reduced the the price of the puppy I NEVER REDUCED the priced of breeding rights! Please ask Questions if you don't understand! 

Picking Up

  I don't allow anyone to come to my house for the safety of my family and dogs, I have a meeting place that has a security officer and is well lit.  

If I decide I don't want a puppy anymore can I get my deposit back?

  What if I pick one I like better after I have already put a deposit on another puppy? All money is non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason.  The reason for a deposit is for me to hold the puppy for you.  If I am holding a specific puppy for you, he can not be sold to anyone else.  If I was to transfer the deposit to another puppy, I would be loosing several potential sales while the puppy was marked sold. I would have to start all over looking for a new home for the puppy.  

Pet price & Breeding Price

Pet price means Limited Registration= Spay & Neuter Contract, you will have a year to get your puppy spayed or neutered. 

​Breeding price means Full Registration= You are buying the Breeding Rights