J&B's Lola


Lola is one of our babies that has been with us since the start, we picked her up in Texas as a 8wk old puppy. She stole our hearts from day one, she is now retired and will live out her life with us just being a dog!

FXS Renegade in the Begining


This girl got the nickname "RED" She has also been with us a very long time. She was a great mother and produced some beautiful babies. She has several daughters that will be taking her 

Timberline Color Me


Crayon cross the Rainbow Bridge summer of 2019, she was bit by a cotton mouth, and died. She will be highly missed, she was one of the sweetest dogs you would ever meet. She had a litter of pups right before this happen and i just happen to keep 2 of her pups back, so look for her girls to carry on her spirt!

 In Memory of Crayon!



Kelly is now retired, and is looking for a retirment home, she likes to lay around and be lazy and give lots of kisses, she is very low drive, and she must stay local.



Tucker is one of our original Studs, he is now retired, and is staying with us, and just gets to be a dog and live out his years. 

CH Hardzog's Hooey


I Cant say enough good things about Hooey, he has lots of kids out their, he was our foundation, he gave us our start. Hooey also crossed the Rainbow Bridge in summer of 2018 also to a cotton mouth. I have several of his kids to carry on his name, he will be highly missed!

In Memory of Hooey!


CH Color country Cowgirl


Cowgirl was a awesome mom, and is now retired, look for daughter Firefly to carry on her name, and she has one son I kept from her jinx, look for his pups coming.



Zena was retired 2yrs ago she just had no interest in being a mom, so she got to retire and just be a dog.

Rimfire Conrad


Conrad is a super sweet boy, who when i got him was already done. So i have just gave him a forever home. He loves puppies and is a great babysitter..