Food we feed!

Pro Plan

We feed Proplan Sport 30/20, and proplan puppy, your puppy will go home with a sample bag of food. Proplan can be purchased from, and petsmart, and petco. Most any feed stores carry it too.
I free feed our dogs and puppies, and I recommend free feeding till they are atleast 9-12 month. Puppies have a tendency to nibble not empty their bowl. In small pups if you with hold food it can cause their blood sugar to drop.
Reason number 2 to free feed, the dog or puppy never feels like it’s starving, and won’t develop food aggression, Example: If you with hold food and that puppy is starving when you put down his/ her bowl of food, they have more tendencies to guard the food, because the puppy/ dog doesnt know when his or her next meal is.


Potty Training Tips

Potty Training help, good info.